About Us

vGI Holdings was formed in 2017 as a tool to acquire both businesses and business assets. It acts as parent company to its subsidiary businesses, nurturing and facilitating exponential growth in their respective markets.

Our Core Competencies

Products & Services

The group is a long-standing leading supplier of duty of care accessories to the automotive sector.

Logistics & Manufacturing

In addition to our manufacturing businesses, owned transport fleet and delivering 1, 2 & 3 PL services.

IT Solutions

IT solutions that offer automation and deliver economies that are of benefit to stakeholders and shareholders alike. 

Our Mission

The group mission is to double turnover in three years and more than double the EBITDA. We will build both shareholder and stakeholder value, internal and external. This will be delivered through organic growth and acquisitions that the group will take on its journey, delivering Industry 4.0.

As a vertically integrated organisation, vGI Holdings’ daughter companies benefit from both economies and sustainability that can only be delivered through full supply chain control.

The company ethos is universally maintained through its businesses, demonstrating an exemplary workplace for our staff and working tirelessly towards our net carbon zero targets. 

Our Brands



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