Sustainability needs constant and careful attention in any growing business, and vGi Holdings is continually refreshing our processes, approach, and commitments in line with the most up to date advice. Through partnership with industry experts, we have already delivered a number of our goals including a new waste strategy, upgrading our packaging processes and materials, and reducing single use materials of any type in our standard procedures.

Verity Nash, Sustainability Champion at vGi Holdings
Sustainability means different things at different times. A few years ago it was all about recycling whereas the focus has definitely switched to reusable. After all recycling still uses energy whereas reusing just takes a little additional effort and consideration in our day to day lives. For me sustainability means individuals being mindful about the impact that lifestyle and usage has on our environment and ensuring that you conduct yourself and use resources in way that future generations will thank us for rather than condemn us on. Yes completely living off the land and never using single use items would be great but if it is not sustainable you would be better off making a lot of small changes that you can evolve into your ordinary life.

We Demand More From Our Industry

Alone, we can only make so much impact. It is vital for us to use our own eco standards as a benchmark to improve the industry as a whole. By seeking better from our supply chain, we can deliver more to our customers.

We Never Stop Innovating

We are proud to be the first in the UK to deliver our Conscious Carpet mats, which deliver long term protection and while reducing landfill.

We created a new industry standard through digital solutions in place of paper and plastic.

 Our vTransport plan reduces our carbon footprint even after goods have left our factory.

And We Are Just Getting Started…

  • We seek environmentally conscious partners
  • We aim to deliver reusable items, but where this is not possible we seek recyclable instead
  • We are mindful of materials we use and the impact they have
  • Where carbon footprint cannot be avoided, we deliver as much benefit as possible for the same energy outlay
  • We support our staff in making environmental decisions at work and at home
  • We believe that environmental choices are not added value, they are a prerequisite of any modern business
Waste reduction

We use nesting software in the cutting of vehicle mats to ensure complete tessellation on the raw material to reduce wastage.


With 99% recyclability, vPlate is the market’s most environmental number plate in support of carbon zero by 2030.

Screenwash Pods

We have condensed a 5L screenwash into a single tablet to reduce plastic bottle usage by circa 1 million units every year

QR Platforms

We are converting more physical stock into digital assets to avoid plastic and paper usage and the risk of waste through obsolescence.


We are completely redesigning our product packaging and developing a sustainable range of products.


With two production facilities, we are
proud to manufacture our core products in the United Kingdom.

Conscious Carpet

For the first time in the UK, we have developed a recycled and fully recyclable range of carpet vehicle mats.