Our Business


Pioneers in developing innovative products and solutions for both the consumer and business user. Leading its respective markets in offering single supplier solutions both under proprietary and private-label programs.


Suppliers of 1, 2, & 3PL logistics solutions. The group has an unrivalled history in supporting the needs of the largest names in its sector with the experience needed to deliver the perfect, tailored, solutions, embracing Industry 4.0.


Vertical integration is a key focus for the group that, coupled with its logistics and distribution, offers full supply chain control. Owned manufacturing delivers not only the best cost base but also excellent scalability and sustainability.


vGroup International Logo

vGroup is a market leader without rival in the supply of finished products and logistics for the Car Van & Home with a mission to engage with consumers at every stage of their journey. Our unrivalled history in supporting the needs of the largest names in the automotive sector affords us the experience needed to deliver the perfect tailored solutions.


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The oldest and largest automotive floor protection protectors in the United Kingdom. Established almost sixty years ago, in the heart of the Great Britain’s textile region. The company now produces more than 3,000,000 finished mat sets per year from over 150 qualities and holds over 10,000 patterns in RHD and LHD formats.


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A UK manufacturer of commercial vehicle lining and racking systems coupled with national fitment coverage. Partnered with the world’s best brand manufacturers allowing customisation for any vehicle to exacting specifications. Boasting nationwide coverage with depots in Leeds, Bristol, Milton Keynes and Glasgow with Dedicated advisors, installers and craftsmen. The largest fleets are serviced at point of new vehicle delivery, in-life and end-of-life.


Driven by excellence, delivered with care. VMC Haulage aims to be a leading logistics provider that specialises in providing 1, 2 and 3PL solutions. With an unrivalled history of supporting the needs of the largest names in its sector, VMC Haulage has the experience and expertise to deliver perfect, tailored solutions that embrace Industry 4.0.


Pick Pack Despatch, a total e-commerce storage and order fulfilment solution to all businesses. Working closely with small and medium-sized customers to ensure all goals are achieved from the onset of receiving goods to delivery using carefully chosen partners. Pick Pack Despatch has the ability to constantly adapt to meet their clients specific needs.


P1 Autocare is a brand conceived and created without compromise. Unrivalled market expertise has enabled products to be created and sourced that afford you the confidence of buying the best available. P1 Autocare’s on-going product development program ensures the latest items and technologies. This is coupled with incomparable experience in automotive duty of care guaranteeing peace of mind in road travel. P1 Autocare is the brand to trust for automotive solutions.


Cosmos is a leading designer, importer and distributor of motoring accessories and associated products with over 35 years of experience serving independent car accessory shops, small chains, cash and carries, wholesalers, distributors and some of the largest national and international retailers. Their immense manufacturing background and marketing expertise puts Cosmos in the best position for designing unique items and ranges setting new trends globally.


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vLink is our new online ordering platform to link all of our brands together. vLink is a major differentiator within our sector and further sets us apart from current and future competitors. It delivers an improved customer journey and improvements in the automation of orders will reduce the cost of trading with vGroup International.


Conscious Carpet Logo

Manufactured from a unique mono-material, ‘Conscious Carpet’ products can be repatriated and recycled, completing the circle on environmentally sustainable production without any compromise on quality and performance.  A huge step for the industry and the globe. We look forward to you joining our group on the journey.