vGi Holdings regularly ensures all organisations under its umbrella exceed in their compliance to legislation, regulations, and standards. We have developed and implemented robust systems and processes to achieve compliance to a range of standards within our businesses which are continuously growing and improving.

vGroup International and Comm-Ply have both held certification to the ISO9001, the quality management standard for multiple years. Middleton Manufacturing is on its way to achieve certification to this standard in 2022.

With the growing global focus on the developing status of the environment and goals to reduce carbon emissions, vGi Holdings is doing its part to support the global effort by developing its management systems to achieve the environmental standard ISO14001. With this standard we will be able to use it to support our approach to manage and reduce our environmental impact in a structured and effective manner, as well as take large steps towards achieving a carbon neutral status across all the businesses.

vGroup International’s developing technological services have highlighted the importance of managing IT systems and the importance of information security, as such we are growing our management system to incorporate the requirements for ISO27001, the information security standard.

Health and safety is always at the forefront of everything we do at vGi Holdings and as such we are developing a health and safety systems that meets and exceeds the ISO45001 occupational health and safety management standard.