While the world is getting more nuanced and complicated, vGi Holdings strive to provide simple solutions to some of the biggest challenges the industry currently face. We have led our sector with our bespoke product range, online facilities and automation for decades, but we are focused on further growth and system intelligence as we move into the next phase of our business.

Our Commitment To Innovation

We have recently created some new roles in our business to support growth in both our marketing and IT teams. We are creating more industry workgroups to prioritise growth by impact inside and outside of our business

Since 2019, we have made significant investments in new machinery to improve in house productivity, including the ability to bespoke print items at our factory, and design digital and physical products in house.

What Does Innovation Mean To Us:

  • Automation and system intelligence to make online processes easier
  • Delivering product solutions to support customer goals, such as reduced carbon footprint, online presence and stronger brand position
  • Refuse to accept historical problems as road blocks for the future
  • Review the materials and the processes we use against our environmental impact
  • Proactively seek out issues in the industry and build a plan to solve
  • Growing into new business areas to further support customers
  • Ask ourselves what we can do better tomorrow than we did today