Agility Fleet Puts Safety First with Essential Tools in New Driver Packs from vGroup International

“The driver packs created in collaboration with vGroup are a testament to our commitment to quality. They not only fulfil our customer’s needs but also reflect our dedication to delivering exceptional products.” – Jacki Stevenson, Chief Operating Officer at Agility Fleet

The new collaboration between Agility Fleet and vGroup International has resulted in the development of exciting new driver packs focused on promoting brand awareness and fostering environmental consciousness.

A key consideration for Agility Fleet in designing these driver packs was the safety of their customers. Consequently, each pack is equipped with essential safety tools, including ice scrapers, first aid kits, hi-vis vests and LED flares. By providing these indispensable items, Agility Fleet aims to enhance driver safety and instil confidence among all customers, enabling them to navigate the roads with peace of mind.

Agility Fleet has taken great care to ensure that environmental sustainability remains a focal point throughout the driver pack experience. Each pack includes an environmentally conscious hessian bag, providing a convenient and eco-friendly storage solution for the various products. Customers will also receive P1 Auto Care© Screenwash Pods, a sustainable alternative to traditional screen wash bottles.

“vGroup offered us a wide range of products with exceptional quality choices, allowing us to deliver driver packs that truly represent the high standards we value at Agility. We are delighted with the level of customisation and branding options provided by vGroup. Our logo on the driver packs products enhances our brand presence and reinforces our commitment to quality.

Working with Will Mears and Niall Gleeson from vGroup has been a pleasure. Their fast and friendly approach resonated with our own values at Agility Fleet, harbouring a strong professional relationship.” – Jacki Stevenson, COO at Agility Fleet

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