Forward Thinking Manufacturing

Industry 4.0, also known as the fourth industrial revolution, is the transformation of manufacturing and production related activities in conjunction with end-user interfaces. Introducing digital and automated solutions in exchange for manual processes that do not add value but instead detract from business growth. “Backroom” systems are integrated with front-of-house creating a seamless supply chain.

vGI Holdings and its subsidiary businesses have for many years been leaders in automation. Sizeable investment has and continues to be allocated to IT solutions that integrate with both customers and suppliers. These systems offer unrivalled medium to long-term economies and allow operational processes such as Just-In-Time deliveries that benefit all stakeholders. Our integrations do not end with sales order receipt. We have production links both “internally”, via our vertically integrated businesses, and with third-party partner suppliers. Through establishing these processes at the outset, they allow full control of the supply chain, and importantly, the customer journey.

Automation continues in our manufacturing and logistics facilities. Production lines are setup with software bespoke to the group and importantly specific to our customer’s requirements. With the capacity to process millions of despatches annually in a consistent and predefined manner. Consolidated deliveries, automatic courier selection, despatch confirmations and tracking communication are just a few features that our equipment provides.

Embracing and implementing change, we are building our manufacturing facilities with a strong focus on sustainability. Environmental awareness and consciousness are playing an exponentially important role in everyday life. vGI Holdings is wholeheartedly committed to not only meeting but beating both the 2030 and 2050 emission targets. We also have a responsibility to ensure economic sustainability for all of our group’s stakeholders. Robotic machinery and Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) will play a crucial part in enabling this.

As experts in both manufacturing and logistics, we are undeterred by the challenges that ambitious growth targets bring. With the knowledge and experience, which across the group is a combined 100 years, we have a very clear understanding of what is required to deliver our goals and more.

vGI Holdings is not afraid to invest heavily at the front in order to reap rewards at the rear, to the benefit of all stakeholders.

James Nash

Managing Director

vGI Holdings Ltd

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